Romantic Getaways
These resorts offer an all-inclusive worry free getaway. All you need to worry about once you get there is the romance.

‘Ayubowan’ the Sri Lankan way star
Colombo affords an inexpensive yet funfilled romantic break, where your $ goes a long, long way.

A book club named iBrowse in Bangalore, India star
Join a book club if travel is not on the cards

A cabin in the Smoky Mountains, TN star
A romantic weekend like no other -- a cabin in the Smoky Mountains

A day in the Madurai University campus star
A laid back day spent in the green environs of the Madurai Unviversity campus in Madurai

A long weekend at home star
The long weekend over Dusserha was best spent at home

A Moonlit Haven in Bangalore, India star
An oasis of calm, midst the hurly-burly of Bangalore city.

A Romantic Holiday in Rome star
Rome is an open air museum, reeking of history right down to its ancient cobble stones.

A romantic Roman holiday star
Architectural heirlooms found everywhere in this city of love. Rome is a huge open air museum harbouring the history of myriads of lost empires.

A sensory Spice Garden holiday! star
The resort built around spice trees planted during the British Raj make your stay a marvelous sensory experience.

A Seven Sister welcome in Madurai, India star
Madurai still enjoys an old world romantic charm

A villa in Dubai star
When my classmate invited me to her villa in Dubai, it was a wonderful 10 days of positive energy recharge.

A visit to Creighton Hospital in Omaha star
It's worth getting that degree at Creighton University

A week in Hayes Road with the Brits star
My eldest from the UK arrived with family and we enjoyed a week with them in Hayes Road

A week in Woking, London star
Visiting my son David in Woking, London, is a great getaway for me at this time, as I love gardening

A week of lectures, Bangalore star
A regular work week can also be fun

A weekend at home for Christmas star
Spending your weekend in your new home for Christmas can be a relaxing experience

A weekend in Louisville in Kentucky star
Enjoy a lively, offbeat weekend in Louisville

A weekend in the Madurai Kamaraj University star
A three day training conference was a wonderful weekend getaway to Madurai

Admirable Austin, Texas star
Arguably the music capital of the world, Austin is a wonderful getaway

An enlightening weekend in Poland star
A trip to Poznan and Warsaw showed us a very different and interesting Europe.

Award winning Changi Airport,Singapore star
Spend a couple of relaxed hours in transit, in flower filled Changi airport

Awe inspiring Meenakshi Temple, Madurai, India star
The city of Madurai in S India is famed for the Meenakshi temple

Baby shower in Omaha,USA star
A baby shower in Omaha was an interesting fusion of West and East.

Bandipur forest, in South India star
Go for a Forest safari and get up close and personal with some wildlife

Beautiful Bali! star
welcoming, white beaches, dollar goes far,fabulous resorts, try local cuisine,travel light, swimsuit a must!

Book Now! star[offsite link]
Book an all-inclusive vacation package to a favorite destination or a new one! Charter flights are available from gateways acroos the US.

Building that new home in the UK star
David pulled out all the stops to build that extension of his home in Woking, UK

Burgers and BBQ in Omaha star
Gravitate towards BBQ in Omaha. Every little local restaurant is worth a try

Celebrating Easter in Bangalore, India star
After holy week, Easter Sunday is a day of rejoicing for Christians across the city of Bangalore

Christmas decorations on Sale in Omaha star
Christmas decoration prices dropped to almost 70% off, so we shopped till we dropped.

Christmas in London is fun star
Christmas in London is like warm mulled wine

Cooking in Bangalore, India over the weekend star
Enjoy making a chutney to add to a spicy and romantic weekend at home

Culture experience for two British school kids star
A culture shock or learning experience, and the girls are quite open to it

Cutting down the Fish Tail Palm, Pilerne, Goa star
The palm was pushing out the front wall. It took ten minutes to bring it down

Dip into different varieties of Asian tea star
Soak into a variety of Asian teas this weekend

Dogwood Art Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee star
A plethora of art, music and food heralds the Dogwood Art Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee

Drive down to Goa from Bangalore, India star
Drive down to sunny Goa from Bangalore in ten hours, on roads that have turned into airport tarmacs, handled by the NHAI of India

Driving back from Ooty, India star
After two sublime days in Glyngarth resorts and Teanest Annexe in Ooty, we headed home to Bangalore, via Gudalur.

Driving down to Pilerne in Goa star
Driving down to Goa is the best way from Bangalore.

Driving down to weekend in Kotagiri star
Nothing like a weekend in the beautiful Blue Mountains of the Nilgiris.

Driving up to the Blue Mountains star
Driving down for a weekend in the Nilgiris could be the start of the holiday

Eating out in Omaha star
Eating out in Omaha can be fun inspite of the Polar Vortex.

El Meco a short cab ride from Cancun star
Brush your fingers along the ruins and step back in time into the Mayan calendar

Enjoy a park in Bangalore, India star
Bangalore boasts of parks that have been around for decades and luckily civil society has stepped in to make them better.

Enjoy a plant nursery in the UK star
A visit to a plant nursery in the UK can be such an uplifting event, especially for visitors.

Enjoy going to the beach in Goa, India star
Experience Goa's beaches, it's like no other for a romantic getaway

Eternal trips to Madurai star
Vannakkam to Madurai,that's welcome in tamil

Finger lickin' Indian Oven in Omaha, Nebraska star
From a Tandoori Chicken Makhni to a Mango Lassi, the Indian Oven is an authentic Indian cuisine experience in Omaha, Nebraska

Flying into Nairobi, Africa star
Nairobi is a wonderful place to experience the beauty of Africa

Flying into Tennessee star
A snap decision to go spend a month with Andrew & Annika in Tennessee

Gardening in Maryville,Tenessee, USA star
With balmy weather through May to October, gardening in Tennessee is a great stress buster

Gardening in the West is different star
Coming from India, it took one season for the boys to learn what plants to put down in their gardens in Tennessee & London

Gatlinburg in Tennessee was fun star
A day trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, showcased a lot of fun things one can do in the South.

Ghosts abound in Guilford, UK star
Eerie tales of unrequited love and ghosts in Guildford, make for an exciting evening

Gift a garden, in Bangalore, India star
Gifting a garden to those who love plants but don't know how to plant them is a great new concept in Bangalore city.

Glyngarth Resorts, four star resort in Ooty, India star
Head out to Glyngarth resorts on the 9th hairpin bend in Ooty, for that welcome stress-buster.

Go try Grand Island's hot dogs and ice-cream star
A chance visit to Grand Island, leaves us satiated with some great hot-dogs.

Going shopping in Mapuca, Goa, India star
Shopping in Mapuca can be fun ending up with some traditional falooda

Going to the beach in Goa, India star
Going to the beach, was the highlight of our day.

Having coffee at the iconic Koshy’s, Bangalore star
Koshy's, a beloved and iconic restaurant in Bangalore, India, has been the hangout for all sorts of creative minds and the hoi polloi of Bangalore since the 30's

Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha,USA star
Truly a world class zoo, it's worth spending a whole day when you visit.

Holy week weekend with Palms and Easter Eggs star
We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song

Indulge in Fish and Chips in London star
Hard to resist, get your quota of calories from the nearest 'chippy.'

Introducing Malé in the Maldives star
Interesting to visit mainly for a taste of traditional Maldivian life

It's a red Fox in the UK, silly! star
The beautiful Red Fox can be spotted in urban London even today

It's raining fruit in Bangalore, India star
Enjoy stuffing yourself with local fruit this weekend in Bangalore

Joslyn Art Museum, Nebraska star
Spend hours at the Joslyn in Omaha seeing its amazing Western American Art collection

Kansas city of fountains, USA star
Tinkling fountains to soothe and relax you in Kansas City

Karibu, welcome to Kenya, Africa star
Welcome to Nairobi's wide open spaces, Acacia trees and bright blue skies

King George Hotel, Pangbourne, UK star
A heritage hotel which makes an ideal romantic getaway in the UK

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, is a bargain holiday star
Go with empty suitcases and shop till you drop in 'KL'

London in April star
London in spring is the prettiest place to getaway to

Lonesome George in Galapagos star
Go and cheer up Lonesome George, the famous giant tortoise on Galapagos

Make a romantic Christmas wreath this weekend star
It's romantic to make your own Advent Christmas wreath this Christmas

Make that getaway to Bangalore, India star
It's romantic to getaway to Bangalore, India, in the spring

Mangoes from Hoskote, Bangalore, India star
Plant your own graft fruit trees and enjoy the fruit of your labour

Martha's Vineyard - romance on the East Coast star
Enjoy an old world romantic feeling vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard

Mauritius Romantic Getaway star
The perfect holiday destination, once you add love to the menu!

Milan- ideal break for soccer lovers star
Soccer and the World Cup seemed to permeate the very fabric of the city, giving it a holiday ambience!

My heart is full with having seen David! star
Florence the capital of Tuscany, holds Michaelangelo's David, which is a masterpiece in pure white marble.

Mysterious Stonehenge in the UK star
A timeless work of art, which will mesmerise even the most seasoned traveller

Native hedges in the UK star
Britain is famed for its planted hedges which are clipped and kept perfectly for decades

Nature comes marching in with the Monsoons in Goa star
Nature takes over Goa with abandon during the monsoons

Neuchatel- chocolate heaven in Switzerland star
Romance overtakes one with the beauty of Neuchatel!

Odense – the fairy tale town in Denmark star
If you love romantic fairy tales, Odense in Denmark is the place to visit!

Olive Garden resort in the Western Ghats, India star
Tucked away in the The magnificent Sahyadri's the resort is a nature lovers ideal getaway

Om Beach Resort in Gokarna, South India star
Tempt yourselves with two romantic days at The Om Beach resort!

Omaha is off the beaten track star
We loved it better than the song we learnt as kids!

Oranges by the ton, in Bangalore, India star
Winter is the season for oranges& they have come into Bangalore city by the ton

Painting the house in Pilerne, Goa, India star
Its a step back in time while working on the heritage homestead in Pilerne, Goa

Palace Resorts star[offsite link]

Philadelphia on my mind star
After a good dollop of culture, romance your taste buds with a classic Philly cheese steak sandwich

Picturesque Maravanthe, Kundapur,India star
Considered one of Karnataka's most beautiful beaches, it is about 55 kilometres from Udupi

Pilerne, Goa, after the monsoons star
Goa after the monsoons is worth the experience with the golden ripening rice-fields rippling as far as the eye can see.

Plant a bougainvillea this weekend for a change star
The heat of India is conducive to the profuse flowering of the Bougainvillea

Pochampally- Bhoodan Movement star
Pochampally is famous for its Ikkat handloom fabric as well as the Bhoodan movement!

Pondicherry India – Beach Resort star
Pondicherry, where peace and tranquillity still reign supreme!

Princess Diana and Dodi's shrine in Harrods, UK star
Princess Diana and Dodi's romantic memorial in Harrods, has become a hot tourist destination

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt star
The amazing pyramids never fail to dazzle with their sheer size

Quaint Maryville, Knoxville, Tennessee star
Nature at it's pristine best in Maryville.

Repairing the house in Pilerne star
Repairing the old homestead in Goa means commitment to a promise

Romance rekindled in Myrtle Beach, Carolina star
One of the top ten holiday destinations, head to Myrtle Beach for the complete holiday hotspot

Romantic films on a BA flight back to Bangalore star
Labour Day, Winters Tale and The Other Woman, spiced up a weekend flight back to Bangalore, India

Romantic Kathmandu in Nepal star
Legendary Kathmandu and the romance of the Himalayas

Romantic song birds in London star
Enjoy the romantic trilling of song birds in the UK, as they put on a show in the summer

Sacramento Romantic Getaway star
A romantic turn in a heritage carriage is a must in Sacramento!

Sandhill Cranes of Grand Island, Nebraska star
National Geographic calls the annual migration of sandhill cranes one of North America’s greatest wildlife phenomenons

Selling the Burma teak screen, Bangalore star
Selling my grandfathers bespoke Burma teak screen turned out happily in the end

Share strawberries in Berlin, Germany star
Berlin in spring is fun as a twosome!

Shop at Greenwich Market, London star
The Greenwich market, along the Thames, has everything your heart desires

Shopping for a diabetic in the UK star
Diabetic indulgences in the UK brings back the twinkle in my eye.

Shopping in Bangkok, Thailand star
Shopping in Bangkok can be interesting for the avid shopper

Siblings visit from Down Under Australia star
We siblings get together once a year & enjoy a few weeks together

Small town Swansea, in Wales star
The land of poets Dylan Thomas and William Davies

So, where did four sacks of mangoes go? star
Four sacks of mangoes were given away with love to friends and family across the city

Soaking the lawn with love, in the UK star
Keeping ones lawn in pristine condition is a labour of love in the UK

Spectacular Corsica, in the Meditteranean star
A mix of the cultures of Italy & France, yet fiercely Corsican

Spectacular Singapore star
It's a city with a soul despite its gum free side-walks

SuperClubs Resorts star[offsite link]
Every SuperClubs holiday is Super-Inclusive - accommodations; all meals, SuperSnacks and premium brand cocktails; unlimited use of all sports facilities, including equipment rental and instruction; entertainment; recreational activities; hotel taxes; and airport transfers - with absolutely no tipping allowed.

Take a turn in a park in the UK star
Enjoy the romance of an English Park

Tasmania, Australia’s best kept secret star
Tasmania the island thankfully man has left alone, for nature lovers to enjoy

Teaching one hundred kids at one time star
One hour a week teaching 100 kids is no romantic getaway!

Ten days with family, in Bangalore, India star
When family comes visiting to Bangalore

Thailand's Year of the Dragon star
The famous Thai smile is at last returning with a vengeance

The air is fresh in Nairobi, Africa star
Enjoy the trilling song of the wag-tail through the day

The Bald Eagle, Iowa star
The magnificent Bald Eagle,is an amazing sight to behold in the wild

The beauty of Hadrian's Wall star
Hadrian's wall in the north of England is an amazing feat of engineering!

The beauty of Irises in London & Tenessee star
The joy of seeing your first homegrown Iris is indescribable

The Boabs of Madagascar star
Dazzlingly colourful and frenetic, Madagascar is a lot like the movie in real life.

The Carnival in Goa star
A throw back to Portuguese heritage, the Carnival in Goa, India is a must do!

The carpenter's magic in Pilerne,Goa star
With his bag of modern carpenters tools, the old furniture in the homestead took on a brand new life.

The Christmas Place, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee star
Everything and anything Christmas, can be found at The Christmas Place

The exciting journey to New - Delhi star
Today even the journey there can be a fun part of a Getaway!

The Gower Peninsula in Swansea, Wales star
Swansea is a little town,chockful of history with its numerous castle ruins.

The iBrowse book club in the CC, Bangalore star
It's an exciting roller-coaster running the book club, with different authors who fly in from all over the world.

The Keukenhof Lisse - in Amsterdam star
You will love the tulips of Amsterdam!

The labour of love, in Pilerne, Goa star
Twice a year we make a road trip to Pilerne in Goa and complete a labour of love on the family homestead.

The massacre of mature trees in Bangalore, India star
Sadly the value of property has grown so enormously that trees and gardens are unimportant

The monsoons have arrived in Bangalore, India star
The rejuvenating monsoons change the face of Bangalore when they arrive.

The monsoons in Bangalore, India star
It's that time of year, when the monsoons are upon us in India. So relax with a hot cup of tea and watch the rain soaking the parched earth.

The Reis Magos Fort, Goa, India star
Opened to the public after hundreds of years, a visit to the Reis Magos Fort in Goa is a wonderful experience.

The romance of Amsterdam star
It's spring in Amsterdam. The perfect place for a couple to spend a week together savouring this mulicultural city.

The rugged beauty of New Zealand star
Enjoy the adrenaline pumping rhythm of Polynesian culture in N Zealand

The Serai Kabini, India star
A trip to the jungles during the dry season ensures rare sightings!

The Smoky Mountains, in Knoxville, Tennessee star
The magical 'Smokies' left a lasting impression on our minds.

The vineyards of Pasco, USA star
Small town and family oriented, Pasco is great in the summer.

The willows of Wular Lake in Kashmir, India star
The willows in the Wular lake in Kashmir need to be removed to increase the capacity of the lake

The wind howls in Omaha,Nebraska star
The wind gusting at 50 kmph in Omaha can be frightening and destructive

Those Bridal veil Falls in Yosemite star
No wonder Ansel Adams fell in love with Yosemite!

Three gardens in three countries! star
Enjoying three gardens in three different countries is like a dream come true for me!

Time to lock up and go from Pilerne, Goa star
Once the chores are over, we start itching to leave and go home to Bangalore.

Toodle off to Turtle Bay in Mangalore star
There is nothing to beat a romantic holiday by the sea!

Touchdown in Omaha,USA star
The airport lights on the Eppley runway blinked in welcome as my 'plane touched down in Omaha, Nebraska

Travelling home to India from Knoxville star
Changing time zones and flights from the US back to Bangalore can be exhausting but enjoyable in retrospect

Untouched splendour of Northern Maine,USA star
For the adventure seeker, Maine isn’t only lobster rolls, legendary lighthouses and rocky shorelines.

Valentine's day in Omaha,Nebraska star
Whoever said love makes the world go round, could not have been closer to the truth

Visit a flowering Bangalore,India star
A burst of colour in Bangalore with the jacaranda and different coloured tabibuea in bloom

Walking along the Hoe river in Woking,UK star
A romantic walk along the river Hoe is soul satisfying

We love New York City star
Take a romantic one day walk about NYC with me!

Weekend Dinner at Nossa Goa, Bangalore star
Four of us good pals, decided to have an impromptu dinner at Nossa Goa

Wild Woods Spa, Kundapur, India star
Relax at Wild Woods Spa and come back rejuvenated,relaxed & raring to go

Windflower resort in Coorg, India star
Coorg in the rain is an experience all should enjoy.

Wonderful Copenhagen star
Copenhagen is just as wonderful as Danny Kaye sang. Don't miss the Tivoli gardens and the Little Mermaid statue.

Your first trip to Hawaii star
Hawaii is the favourite destination for couples to pop the question

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